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Please very carefully read this Agreement (Terms of Service) before accessing and using this website and the downloadable software on this website. By accessing this website (www.avatarlife.com) and our Virtual World/Metaverse and software ("the AvatarLife viewer", which will be referred as "our viewer" from now), you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Should you not agree with all the terms and conditions of this Agreement then you cannot access our website or become a member or visit our Virtual World or use any software hosted on our website.

If these terms and conditions are regarded as an offer by AvatarLife (AvatarLife Skill Games Inc. our company) then acceptance is clearly limited to these terms only. This website, all its designs and hosted software; and all the contents present by default inside our AvatarLife Virtual World are entirely the properties of AvatarLife. In-world Content created by residents are properties of the residents.

A brief introduction of AvatarLife the company and AvatarLife the Virtual World

AvatarLife Skill Games Inc. is a company incorporated in Delaware, USA. We are mainly a software development company focusing on Virtual Worlds / Metaverse. Our viewer is used by our members to access the Virtual World of AvatarLife. However, other similar and compatible viewer software (such as the popular "Firestorm viewer" can also be used to access our Virtual world with the right settings.

AvatarLife is a general Virtual World with many different components such as socialising, business, entertainment and others. For example there is the opportunity to start a business as an estate owner or to earn income as a creator of digital in-world fashion items.

Please also read our separate document "About us" for a little bit more information.

Age and Eligibility

To join us as a member of AvatarLife and then use our Virtual World, you must be at least 18 years of age. If your country's age of consent is more than 18 years old, then you must be at least of that age.

If your country of residence does not allow the use of Virtual Worlds, then you are not allowed to join us as a member and use our Virtual World.

Inside the AvatarLife Virtual World, in order to play the games, which involves our In-Game Credit AV$ (AV$ is an abbreviation of AV dollars, please read our later section on this very important subject), you must be legally allowed to do take part in skill gaming in your country of residence. For most countries you must be at least 18 years old or above. However, some countries have a higher legal age requirement for skill gaming.

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under the account and any other actions taken in connection with it. You must not use your AvatarLife account in a misleading or unlawful manner, especially with the intention of trading on the name or reputation of others,

Your Responsibilities to look after your User Account

Please note that, as an AvatarLife user account holder and AvatarLife Resident, you are responsible for the behaviour and actions of your avatar inside our Virtual World. And you are responsible for any action taken with your user account on our website. Importantly you are also responsible for the security of your user account in general. Please choose a very secure password and do not share it with anyone. Any sharing of your account and password with other people are done at your own risks. If you think that (the security of) your user account has been compromised and it can be accessed or has been accessed by unauthorized person(s) then you must inform us immediately. You also can change the password by logging onto your account on our website immediately.

You must not use your AvatarLife account in an illegal and misleading manner including in a way with the aim of trading on the name of reputation other people and company. AvatarLife the company reserves the right to amend and remove any description of keyword that we feel is illegal and improper; especially if it is likely to result in damage and liability to AvatarLife.

Your required behaviour and possible responses by us

We expect and require you to behave legally and responsibly as an AvatarLife member both inside and outside our Virtual World. Just like the good standards other virtual worlds and social media platforms expect and require of you. Generally, you are expected to treat other people with respect. Although we are a Virtual World, we expect and require you to behave legally and responsibly according to your country's own laws and also international laws.

The following behaviour are most unacceptable for AvatarLife: Inappropriate behaviour such as bullying, harassment, stalking, intimation, threatening, racism, discrimination on any grounds, intolerance, inciting violence Thus By registering as a member and use our Virtual World, you agree that you will not have the aforementioned behaviours (bullying, harassment...)

By becoming a member of AvatarLife, you agree that you will fully respect all the contents (such as design, art, photos and videos and generally all our virtual items and any other items like website designs) and properties of AvatarLife, on in all aspects such as copyright, Intellectual Property. And you agree that you will not do anything that will in any way harm AvatarLife's contents and properties such as uploading, downloading, copying, cloning, modifying and so forth any of our properties and also of other members; properties. Please read the paragraph below for an important point.

Crucially, in relation to the paragraph above, AvatarLife strictly forbids the use of copybot viewers and any other forms of software which have similar copying functions (common examples are Darkstorm, HydraStorm and copybot add-ons for the Singularity viewer). Members using such copybot viewers or copybot software will be permanently banned.

As we mentioned later on regarding Copyrights and Intellectual Properties, you agree that you will not upload any copyrighted materials on to/ into AvatarLife. We reserve the rights to remove such material without informing you first.

You also agree that you will not upload or share contents that will be offensive and inappropriate to other users (or even a small number of other users) such as pornography of any kinds and other items or information that is generally perceived as bad and unacceptable. For example, if you strongly believe in a cause that is fine. But if you start uploading information and then sharing it with other people inside our Virtual World who have the same views as you, even if they are publicly available of certain people such as the manager of a certain company with a view to protest outside his home or other action then this is not acceptable to us.

You also agree that you will not store inside AvatarLife (as part of your avatar's inventory or some other ways) computer malware of any kind such as trojans, phishing links and any tools you can use to hack other people/devices.

You also agree that you will not do anything to harm AvatarLife's operation such as hacking or running scripts inside AvatarLife that can cause serious damage as they have been to have in other Virtual Worlds or any other actions. You agree that you will not use your AvatarLife account to spam other members with repeated messages, mostly marketing or with bad intents.

You also agree that you will not lend your account to other people, even if they are people known and close to you. This is a very serious offence. Also you must not try to access other people's account by guessing their password or other methods or hackings You agree that you will not collect data from our users through improper and unauthorised means. And you will not send marketing and advertising material to other users.

Related to AvatarLife the Virtual World, any trading, advertisements or general activities, of illegal goods and activities are strictly forbidden and they will be reported to the authorities. Any members reported or suspected or found to have behaved irresponsibly or illegally, will result in the restriction or suspension or termination of their accounts after an urgent investigation. The AvatarLife management will be fair in its judgement and its decision is final. A mode detailed explanation of the termination of your AvatarLife member is written in the next paragraph.

Our links to Third Parties Websites

AvatarLife website may contain a small number of links to third party's websites such as the well-known Social Media websites. By clicking on these links or by visiting these websites without clicking the links you accept that AvatarLife the company has no control over such third party's websites.

Information Received From Third Party Sites

AvatarLife the company may receive some information from the Third Parties websites particularly the biggest social media websites such as Facebook. We may use this information but only if it is very important to do so. And we will use this data very carefully and responsibly respecting your Privacy Policy as laid out in our Privacy Policy.

Proprietary Rights

AvatarLife does not claim any ownership or control over any Content submitted, posted or displayed by you through in our Virtual World.

AvatarLife does not claim any rights to your User Generated Content, but we must have your permission to distribute your content.

Very importantly, we AvatarLife the company reserve the right to reject any User Content Generated and submitted to us.

We fully acknowledge that you are the rightful owner of this User Generated Content.

When you generate user content or items you agree to define a licence for what other people can do with your items. You need to define a licence defining the rights to the buyers of your goods, service, and content. By the same token if you have just bought or come across User-Generated Content then you must follow the rules and definitions laid out by the creator of such items and user generated content. In general, people should respect other people's creation and work. And any copyright and related Trademark issues and we at AvatarLife will work very hard regarding this.

Termination of your account and access to AvatarLife

AvatarLife may terminate your user account and access to our Virtual World at any time with or without a reason and without a notice period. However, we believe in fairness and openness. We will normally terminate your account and access to the Virtual World only if you have taken action(s) that is so serious in severity and in nature (either a breach of any of our rules as laid out in this Terms of Service or an action not covered by this Terms of Service document that we felt it is just very serious and unacceptable) that we feel we have to terminate your account and access. We reserve the right to take the most serious action to forbid your accessing our Virtual World by banning your IP address and possibly your MAC address of your computer. We will do our best to give you our reasons for terminating (banning) your account and as we said in the earlier paragraph, we will investigate the matter (complaint by other members or findings of our own such as computer logs) properly before deciding to terminate your account/access.

In the case of the termination of your AvatarLife account and access to our Virtual World, there are likely to be consequences to your possession of our In- Game Credit AV$ (AV dollars). This will be explained in more details In the later section of our In-Game Credit. If your AvatarLife account is in good standing and you would like to terminate this account, you can do at any time of your choosing and you can do so safely and easily by going into the members account area where there is a clearly labelled option (with clear instructions) to delete your account.

All the terms and conditions laid out in this Terms of Service document should remain valid upon the termination of your account by yourself or by the management at AvatarLife.

Suspension of your account and access to AvatarLife

For the less serious breach of our Terms of Services, or a less serious and bad general action not covered by this Terms of Service, AvatarLife may choose to suspend your AvatarLife account and access instead of terminating it, The suspension time period may be a day, a week, a month or other length. It can also be an indefinite period so that we can investigate any breaches/bad action that you have taken, or have alleged to have taken, if it was a complaint by other users.

All provisions of this Agreement which by their nature shall survive termination when they should survive termination such as ownership provision, warranty disclaimers, limitations of liability and all others.

Privacy Policy and Cookies

We respect your privacy very seriously. We strongly urge you to read our Privacy Policy on this website carefully. By visiting this website alone, you understand and agree that you have given your consent (by clicking on the "I Agree" option of the popup window when you visit our website for the first time) to the usage and collection of your information by this website according to our Privacy Policy.

If and when you join as a member and then use our viewer software to access the Virtual World of AvatarLife, you also understand and agree that you have given your consent to the usage and collection of your information by this website but additionally, you have given your consent to the usage and collection of your information inside the Virtual World. And you agree to our use of any cookies on our website.

For our Privacy Policy we work very hard to comply with very important regulation of the "European Union General Data Protection Regulation" (EUGDPR) as we expect to have EU residents joining AvatarLife as members.

We have a separate, more detailed Privacy Policy document on our website. Please read it carefully.

This Terms of Service document and additional terms

The most important Terms of Service document is regarded as an agreement between you, a member, as a user and us. AvatarLife the company ,as a service provider. You also may be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply when you use or purchase other features and services of AvatarLife or affiliated , third-party content and services.

General Representation and Warranty

By accepting this Terms of Service document and our other important document of "Privacy Policy", you also agree that your use of our Virtual World and all its related services is all legal in terms of any local laws and regulations that your city and government or country or a mixture of them, This also applies to the transmission of data through the internet and any viewer software that you use to connect to our Virtual World. And as we said earlier, the behaviour and action by yourself with your AvatarLife member account and also any images, general content or posts or conversation you have with other users all need to follow the requirements of this Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

Any software downloaded by you from our website and our Virtual World are done at your own risk, we are not liable to any damages to your computer or to you generally. We do not warrant that AvatarLife's products and services will meet your requirements, expectation and satisfaction.

Modifications to Service

The AvatarLife Company may every now and then modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently any of our services such as payment options when purchasing our In-Game Credit AV$ and other aspects of our Virtual World and website. We will give enough time and clear notice to our members for modification of services.

Use and Storage of your items at AvatarLife

AvatarLife the company has no responsibility or liability for any deletion or disappearance any store any content that you have purchased and uploaded and then store inside our Virtual World as items in your avatars inventory. of storage space used. Please be aware that using our Virtual World does involve a lot of data usage and may not have a cap on the amount of data transmitted.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Our Virtual World with its software is provided "as is". AvatarLife the company, the shareholders and staff and its contractors and suppliers hereby disclaim all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non- infringement. AvatarLife the company has not, made any warranty that our viewer software and website is error free or that access to our website and Virtual World will not be interrupted by things such as an Internet network disconnection or any general malfunction. Very importantly, you understand you are using our website and software at own your risks and you are solely responsible for any damage done to your computer, device and data.

Waiver of Consequential Damages

In no event will AvatarLife the company and its shareholders and staff and related people be liable to the you or anyone else for any type of incidental, special, exemplary, indirect, punitive or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, lost revenue, lost profits, replacement goods and services, loss of technology, rights or services, loss of data, or interruption or loss of use of service or equipment; even in the case where such party was advised of the possibility of such damages, and whether arising under theory of contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise. These losses and damages include both direct and indirect ones such as economic, incidental, exemplary, punitive and other common ones by law.


By being a member and use our Virtual World, You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless AvatarLife, the company, the shareholders, the staff, its related people such as its contractors, and its licensors, and their related people from and against any and all claims and expenses, including legal fees and other fees, as a result of your choice of using our Virtual World and our Viewer software including but not limited to out of your violation of this Agreement/Terms of Service documents.

No Third-Party Beneficiaries

You agree that, there shall be no third-party beneficiaries to this Terms of Service except those which have been mentioned in this document.

Limitation of Liability

By accepting this Terms of Service, you clearly understand and agree that AvatarLife and all its owners and staff are nor liable regarding any subject matter of the Terms of Use related under any theory of liability including but not restricted to contract, tort and so forth. AvatarLife is also not responsible for any loss of profit, loss or corruption of data, service of technology and so forth. In no event will AvatarLife's cumulative liability to you exceed 20000 US dollars

Respecting the Intellectual Property of AvatarLife

We ask you politely but very firmly that you must respect the Intellectual Property of everything hosted on our website. And also respect the Intellectual Property of our viewer software and all the contents inside the AvatarLife Virtual World. We will take strong actions within the context of AvatarLife but also legal actions against anyone who have not respected our Intellectual Property.

Acknowledgements related to Virtual World and viewer

We need to acknowledge that our AvatarLife Virtual world is very largely based on the "OpenSim" platform, released under GNU license by "OpenSimulator" (http://opensimulator.org).

Our viewer is a customised and modified version of the "Firestorm viewer", released under GNU license by "The Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc."" (http://firestormviewer.org).

"Firestorm viewer" has been developed based on the "Second Life Viewer", released under GNU license by "Linden Research, Inc." (https://secondlife.com).

Dealing with Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy

We very much respect the intellectual property rights of other people and organisations. Please let us know immediately if you believe that we have violated your copyright as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") Policy. The management staff of AvatarLife will respond to you on priority.

Intellectual Property Rights of in-world created contents

We respect your intellectual Property Rights for any items that you have created inside the AvatarLife Virtual World. If other members of our Virtual World infringe on your legitimate intellectual Property rights, we will deal with the matter with your participation and approval. On the same principle, any items that you have created inside the Virtual World must not infringe on the Intellectual Property Rights of other people.

Delivery and Shipping Policy


Fees, payment, Premium membership and other matters


The In-Game Credit inside AvatarLife Virtual World

This section on the In-Game Credit used inside AvatarLife and outside AvatarLife (in terms of the buying and selling of it on our website) is a very important matter. For our Virtual World, we use an "In-Game Credit" called "AV dollars". We abbreviate "AV dollars" to "AV$" generally. "AV$" is the only acceptable payment method and In-Game Credit inside the AvatarLife Virtual World.

Crucially, all AV dollars are properties of AvatarLife. Generally, we have authorised our AvatarLife members to using AV$ as a payment method inside our Virtual World. If a member is permanently banned from AvatarLife, we reserve the right to confiscate his or her holdings of AV$ immediately. However, any Fiat currencies (we use USD mainly) that this banned ex-member has in his or her account, they will be returned rightfully to him/her.

Please note that very importantly an In-Game Credit, especially for our AV$, is quite different from a Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

Purchasing and selling of AvatarLife's In-Game Credit AV dollars (AV$)

Our members can use Fiat money such as USD and the member's local currency (subject to availability) to purchase AV$ via PayPal (possibly with other fiat methods in the future) on our website.

Members can also sell their AV$ back to Fiat money (USD) via PayPal. The buying and selling rates of AV$ are different by 6 percent (subject to changes in the future) to reflect on our transaction costs and fees. There is also a fee of 2% of the amount of US dollars needed to make the buying and selling of $AV as well as a fixed charge of 1 US dollar(subject to change) on both the buying and selling of AV$. This 2% fee is used by AvatarLife to pay for a part of the fees charged to us by PayPal.

And we reserve the right to change the buying and selling rates of AV$ after informing our members and this applies to the purchasing and selling fees and the fixed charges too. Our website will very soon have a separate fees document to talk about these fees in greater details and also other fees/charges such as the cost of renting a region.

Know Your customer (KYC) and other crucial requirements

To fulfil our duty for key areas such as combating money laundering, terrorism, fraud, stolen credit cards and illegal access of online accounts with payment companies and other illegal activities, there are several key requirements and restrictions regarding the buying and selling of AV$ such as a KYC process which we also mention in our sections on AV$ dollar and includes the requirement of uploading valid government issued photo ID and possibly also other things such as a selfie) and they will be clearly mentioned on our website and in this Terms of Service document.

Firstly, any members who want to purchase AV$ dollars from us via PayPal and any other methods (such as credit cards which will probably be available soon after we officially open) need to pass our KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements by uploading a valid government issued photo ID. We also may require extra uploads such as the common practice a selfie of holding a piece of paper with that date concerned and the company concerned (AvatarLife) and in handwriting phrases written on this piece of paper.

Very importantly, AV dollars must not be refunded, traded, exchanged, transferred, or sold except within AvatarLife Virtual World and at our Company's discretion. The AvatarLife management may give and take away AV dollars every now and then without warning, and without compensation, for reasonable causes and justifications determined at the management's sole discretion (after investigation or pending investigation) such as Money Laundering, terrorism fraud and bad/illegal accounting practices.

"Refund and Cancellation Policy of AvatarLife" PLEASE READ OUR SEPARATE DOCUMENT OF "REFUND AND CANCELLATION"Very important note on Skill Gaming related to AvatarLife

Firstly, we must repeat this warning from the earlier section "Age and Eligibility". Secondly, as we have also mentioned earlier, you must have satisfied the legal age requirement for skill gaming in your country of residence. Thirdly, your country of residence must legally allow online skill gaming. Fourthly, when you buy or sell AV$ with PayPal, you must be the rightful owner of this PayPal account and all its linked payment methods such as credit cards.

If and only if you satisfy all these 4 requirements and also completing the KYC process, then you can buy AV$ from us in order to play the out games inside the AvatarLife Virtual World. Please note that following very important statement:Skill Gaming is only available inside AvatarLife the Virtual World. And very importantly only AV$ is used for this skill gaming. No real (Fiat) money is used for skill gaming.

The relationship between Skill Gaming and AvatarLife

As we mentioned earlier. We are primarily a Virtual World where our members can become business owners and creative designers. They can also socialise, meet new friends, enjoy our Virtual World Scenery and Virtual World Activities. Very importantly, AvatarLife the Virtual World does have a considerable but not overwhelming amount of skill gaming as we discussed in some length in the earlier section of this Terms of Service document. We do not consider AvatarLife as an Internet Casino or Virtual Casino. Our games are for casual to moderate skill gaming only. A moderately to reasonably big amount of AV$ can be won (and lost). We have these games to cater for a segment of the general Virtual World users who like to have some fun and to potentially win some AV$ in a Virtual World environment.

Responsible Skill Gaming

AvatarLife as a company very strongly advise our members to enjoy their skill gaming responsibly. We urge our AvatarLife members that they should be very responsible with their skill gaming inside our Virtual World but also skill gaming in general . If there are any signs that your skill gaming is out of control or/and your skill gaming is causing you considerable problems then you should very urgently seek professional help regarding any possible skill gaming problems or addictions that you may have.

Very Important Requirement for Skill Gaming regions operators

We have one very important rule for AvatarLife Skill Gaming operators: The operator must maintain a minimum balance to pay out at least his/her highest payout game machine rezzed on the land. If this rule is not followed, then the machine will be returned to the skill gaming operator's inventory with a formal warning. For example if there is a game machine with a maximum of 1 million AV$ payout which can be multiplied by as much as 5 times in bonus rounds during the game, then the operator must maintain a minimum balance of 5 million AV$ at all times. A second violation of this rule will lead to the suspension of the operator's account at AvatarLife.


Security, Data Protection and Privacy are all taken very seriously by the management of AvatarLife. We use industry standard software and techniques and procedures to look after your security, data protection and Privacy. But data breaches and hackings are common occurrences even with the best and biggest companies. Therefore we cannot and do not guarantee that unauthorized access to your account (through no fault of your own) and data breaches will never happen.

Regular updates and changes of this Terms of Service document

As we continue to develop our Virtual world, we probably have the need to update this Terms of Service document regularly especially in the very early days after our full opening on 23 June 2019. We will inform you with enough time when there is a change in our Terms of Service and ask you most importantly to read it and accept the new Terms of Service if you find it agreeable.

Waiver and Severability of Terms

There may be times / situations and cases where AvatarLife the company failing or simply not actioning to exercise or enforce any right or provision mentioned in this Terms of Service document, When these situations occur, it does not constitute a waiver of such right or provision by AvatarLife. Even if a legal court finds one of point/requirement in our Terms of Service to be invalid, all the remaining points within our Terms of Service are still valid.

Statute of Limitations

You have 12 months to make any claim or complaint against AvatarLife for the issues mentioned in this Term of Service document.

The decision of AvatarLife management is final for all AvatarLife mattersWhere there is a dispute or decision concerning AvatarLife the Virtual World, our website and all our other properties and rights; our decision is final. But as mentioned earlier, we will be fair and transparent in our decision making.Contacting us


Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy of AvatarLife

This Privacy Policy helps you understand what Personal data we collect, why we collect it, what we do with it and also the choices you have, including how to access, update and delete information. We are committed to protecting your privacy and the personal data that you have given to us. Please also read our Terms of Service document regarding our website and our downloadable “viewer” software. Importantly, please note that this Privacy Policy has been updated largely in response to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EUGDPR) effective from 25 May 2018. This Privacy Policy document will be updated regularly in response to new laws and developments.

Who we are

AvatarLife Virtual World is owned by AvatarLife Skill Games Inc. which is a company incorporated in Delaware, USA. We are mainly a software development company focusing on Virtual Worlds. Our viewer is used by our members to access the Virtual World of AvatarLife. As stated in our Terms of Service, other similar viewer software can be used as well. You need to register as a member and provide us with some personal data. When you create a new account as a member, we will ask you to provide a username (or Avatar's name) and your password and your email address. We have not asked for any other information that we do not need. We will clearly ask for your consent to give us your personal information during account registration.

Your Privacy and Personal Data and Cookies

We look after your privacy, your personal data, and cybersecurity very seriously. We do not share your data with anyone such as marketing firms. When you visit our website, we do not store your IP addresses. We use a British server hosting company to store data. By registering an account with us, you give us consent to store and transfer your data. When you log in our Virtual world with our viewer, we keep a log of the IP addresses of the people who log in and at what time. However, we do not connect (link) this IP address on this log to your registered account/username. This IP addresses log is deleted weekly. A very big theme of the EUGDPR is to take measures to avoid a person being able to be identified and located in his/her real life. Both direct data (such as the actual names and addresses of the person) and indirect data such as usernames, IP addresses and cookies need to be looked after very securely. We will be encrypting the data that we have about you. We employ a high standard of security related to our website and our viewer such as a good firewall and other security measures for your and our protection. Please read our Cookies Policy below.

Cookies Policy of AvatarLife

AvatarLife uses cookies on www.avatarlife.com. By using “the Service” (Virtual World) provided by AvatarLife , you consent to our use of cookies. We will now just use the term “the Service” Our Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how we use cookies, how third-parties whom we may partner with may use cookies on “the Service”, your choices regarding cookies and further information about cookies.

What are cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text sent by your web browser by a website you visit. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows “the Service” or a third-party to recognize you and make your next visit easier and the Service more useful to you. Cookies can be "persistent" or "session" cookies.

How AvatarLife uses cookies

When you use and access “the Service”, we may place a small number of cookies files in your web browser. We use cookies for the following purposes: to enable certain functions of “the Service” and to store your preferences, We use both session and persistent cookies on “the Service” and we use different types of cookies to run the Service: - Essential cookie. We may use essential cookie(s) to authenticate users and prevent fraudulent use of user accounts. An Essential cookie, as the name implies, is essential/vital to the website’s proper functioning. A persistent cookie is a data file capable of providing websites with user preferences, settings and information for future visits. Persistent cookies provide convenient and rapid access to familiar objects, which enhances the user experience (UX).

Third-party cookies

In addition to our own cookies, we may also use various third-parties cookies to report usage statistics of the Service, deliver advertisements on and through the Service, and so on.

What are your choices regarding cookies

If you'd like to delete cookies or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse cookies, please visit the help pages of your web browser. Please note, however, that if you delete cookies or refuse to accept them, you might not be able to use all of the features we offer, you may not be able to store your preferences, and some of our pages might not display properly.

When and why we will contact you

Some companies which have substantial marketing and retail activities regularly contact their customers by email and other means. We at AvatarLife have no such marketing and retail activities at this early stage of our opening. Therefore, we only contact our registered users when it is totally necessary such as if there is a major software update or some very serious issues. By registering an account with us and providing us with your email address, you have agreed for us to contact you in an appropriate manner. In the near future, we may send out regular newsletters, and we will inform you of this change.

Your rights to check, amend and delete your data that we have stored

We ensure that you have the rights to check, amend and delete your data that you have given us at user/account registration. Additionally, you will be able to do these things easily and with a short wait only. You can log in to the “My Profile” on our website and you will see that you can change your password and your email addresses (requires a 2 steps procedure for enhanced security). Similar to other Virtual worlds, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to change your username (which is also your Avatar's name). If you wish to use a different username then a new account must be created.

Finally, our contact details for Data Privacy matters

Please contact csushant@avatarlife.com

Refund and Cancellation (Policy)

Introduction to the Chargeback Problem most businesses face

It is normally agreed that Chargeback on debit/credit cards and other payment methods such as PayPal is a rightful protection for buyers when the seller is at fault. However, the misuse of Chargeback, especially fraudulent misuse, is an extremely important issue for sellers. And with the rapid growth of the digital economy and online fraud, chargeback for digital items is most important to digital items sellers such as AvatarLife where we sell our In-Game Credits of AV dollars and other Virtual items like Virtual clothing and Virtual Land. Crucially, before reading the following sections please make sure that you have read and understood our very important sections earlier in this document regarding AV dollars.

Our Policy on Chargeback and Fraudulent Chargeback

We at AvatarLife must do what we can to protect ourselves fully from the fraudulent and general misuse of chargeback in order to protect the financial well-being of our company. Please read the following section very carefully. When you purchase any AV dollars from us, you understand and agree to our following conditions: Our AV dollars is an In-Game Credit for use inside our Virtual World. And any fraudulent chargebacks will be taken most seriously by us. After a fair investigation if we decide that you have deliberately made fraudulent chargebacks with your Debit/Credit card company or PayPal , or other payment methods that we may have in the future, your AvatarLife membership will be revoked immediately. And you will be permanently banned from AvatarLife. We will pursue the matter legally with your debit/credit card provider and PayPal and any other payment service providers.

Returns and Refund Policy of Av dollars

If you have bought some AV dollars by genuine mistake or the amount bought is a genuine mistake, you alone are responsible for this mistake. For example, if you intended to buy 5000 AV dollars (21.40 USD). If you press the keyboard key "0" (zero) once too many. and so at the first stage of ordering it shows you want to buy 50000 AV$ for 205 USD. As you proceed to make the purchase on our website and later on when you are redirected to PayPal or any future payment processing agents third party websites, there are at least two more occasions where the figure of 50000 AV dollars and a Fiat charge of 200 USD are mentioned. And you can quite easily cancel this purchase. So ordering AV$ on our website Is definitely not a "one mouse click" process where mistakes do and can happen easily. So there normally should not be any justification for a refund of AV$ under and our refund policy is exactly this. We will only issue refunds in the following two situations:

AvatarLife the company's fault. For example, if the AvatarLife website has a technical issue and it has taken us a long time like more than 10 hours to deliver the AV$ rather than the normal timeframe of several seconds (Please note that this example does not include the delay caused by the KYC process for first purchase). After a very long wait, before the customer receives his/her AV$, the customer can contact us and ask for a refund due to his/her cancellation of the AV$ before it is delivered. In the case of the customer receiving the AV$ after a very long wait but decided that this long wait has been disappointing. We will accept a return of the AV$ and issue a refund that way. But the customer must inform us immediately during/after the long wait before he/she spends this newly purchased AV$.

A case where the management of AvatarLife are not obliged to issue a refund/accept a return as these situations are not covered by this Policy Document. But the management has decided to give a refund/accept a return at its discretion. The management may use this very rare discretion for truly exceptional circumstances in order to give a helping hand to someone who has made a genuine error and need genuine help by means of a refund.

Apart from the above two situations. No refunds or returns will be given. AV$ is In-Game Credit. Our rational is as follows: Buyers know exactly what they are buying an In-Game Credit. It is not like many purchases like clothing or electrical/technological items where the actual item may be substantially different from/inferior to what people have led to believe. Also AV$ is an In-Game Credit so it cannot be "faulty" and needs returning to get a refund

As we have clearly laid out our very strong arguments against a general and common refund by AvatarLife, therefore there are also very few situations where a chargeback is necessary or needed or justified for AV dollars. And most chargeback attempts on AV$ will statistically be very likely to be fraudulent or misuse. If we cannot help you with a full refund, there is always the option to sell your AV dollars back and overall you would most unlikely to lose more than 20 percent of the original amount as fees to us and our payment services provider such as credit card and PayPal and allowing for foreign currency conversion.

If your computer/device to log in AvatarLife normally has malware or has been hacked and your security has been compromised, we sympathise but it is not our responsibility that your computer/device has been hacked and controlled through malware or phishing or other means. If the hacker knows your AvatarLife password or can reset It for himself /herself because he/she has access to your email account too. Although we sympathise with you, it is not the fault of AvatarLife the company at all that you have lost your credit card details and other payment and personal details due to a security breach. And we fully reject all chargeback attempts due to your computer/device being compromised and used by hackers both in-world and outside of Virtual World and website.

Any losses that occurred after you have notified your credit card issuer are covered by your credit card company (and the card should have been disabled anyway). Our understanding is that any losses that occurred before you notify your card issuer are also covered by your credit card issuer for most credit card issuers. You may be liable for the first one hundred USD (approximately) or whatever the amount is in your situation.

Returns and Refund Policy of Virtual items inside the AvatarLife Virtual World

If you buy some Virtual Items (such as the clothing and skins for Avatars or furniture for your home) from one of our shops inside our Virtual World, any returns and refunds are purely a matter between the shop owner and yourself. We are not responsible for the actions of the shop owners. Of course we would want both the customer and shop owner to be satisfied if possible if there is a dispute. We do not get involved in individual cases generally, we only do so as an arbiter or a "peacemaker" in the more serious and special situations. However, we will lay down the necessary rules for our Virtual World to ensure that both consumers and businesses can enjoy fair and reasonable treatments when they are buying or selling items and services for the sake of the in-world Economy and Society.

Cancellation and Returns Policy of Land Rental and Premium Membership.

These two items are ongoing subscriptions with a monthly renewal fee. They need to be paid in advance.

Our regions are generally offered for free with a 10% cash out fee as a maintenance charge for them. But residents can opt out of that and go for a flat 99$ a month fee. As long as the member writes to us before the next payment date (with 3 working days to spare for processing) then all will be fine regarding cancellation.

On refund, similar to the situation of AV$, if it is entirely the fault of AvatarLife the company, then we will issue a refund for the full month or proportionally. For example, we aim to give the customer the land rental within 3 days of ordering, if we cannot deliver the product within this timeframe and the customer wants a refund (rather than the delayed delivery of the land/region) then we will issue a refund.

Discretionary refund may be given for very exceptional situation by the management similar to that for AV$.

Our Policy with Credit card theft, PayPal theft and also their chargebacks regarding Land Rental and Premium membership is the same as that for AV$ that we discussed earlier.

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Online Registration and Product/Service Details with Fees (updated 19/06/2020)

Online Registration

Online Registration is available free of charge for members of the public. No invitation or special codes. We only ask for a very small amount of personal details such as your email address and a password. We do not ask for your real name, phone number, address, etc. When purchasing our In-Game Credits AV$ for the first time, We have a whitelisting mechanism. Usually, the whitelisting will happen on a simple communication. In rare cases, we might ask you to upload a copy of one of your valid government issued photo IDs / photo identification documents (mainly passport, national ID card and driving licence) as part of our necessary and important "Know Your Customer" (KYC) process.

Renting Regions inside the Virtual World

We offer our lands without any setup fee or monthly tiers to our residents! Residents can opt to take our lands and just have 10% of their cash outs taken as part of their land fees/maintenance. Residents can also opt to keep this 10% and opt for traditional monthly tier payments. Regular Renting of a full-size region has no setup fee and rent of 99 USD per month.

The buying, selling and cashing out of AvatarLife In-Game Credits, the AV dollars (AV$)

New fees effective from 1st June 2022 are as below: For buying and selling of AV$, there is a 1.50 USD fixed fee and a 3 percent variable fee. The exchange buying rate is 1 USD = 250 AV$ The exchange selling rate is 1 USD = 275 AV$ Withdrawing the USD balance has a fixed fee of 3 USD or a 3 percent variable fee, whichever is larger. Minimum buying amount of AV$ is 2 USD. Maximum buying amount is 10000 USD. Maximum cap on fees for buying AV$ is 50 USD. Minimum selling amount of AV$ is 5 USD.

Premium Membership monthly subscription

Cost of our premium membership monthly subscription is to be decided when we start the premium membership plan in the near future. We think that the price is most likely to be between 4.99 USD and 12.99 USD per month.

AvatarLife Delivery and Shipping Policy

AvatarLife offers virtual items like Avatars, Virtual clothing, Scripting, programming services, Virtual Land rental and monthly premium membership subscription. When an AvatarLife member purchases a virtual item inside the AvatarLife Virtual World, the delivery of the virtual item is normally very quickly within 10 seconds of a successful payment. For Virtual land (Region) rental and monthly premium membership subscription, it takes 2 to 5 minutes to go through the ordering and then the payment process. Virtual land rental tenancy and monthly premium membership subscription are confirmed normally very quickly within 10 seconds of a successful payment.

There are thousands of regions within the OpenSim hypergrid world, shared Inventory Archives, and free products found in stores and shops , the items and many like it within this container can be found and a copy freely acquired. That is how these items were located and brought to Avatar Life , for the convenience of the members of the Avatar life Grid.

All items acquired Will remain free . It is not our goal to make money off of items found for free on Avatar Life Grid or any OS Grid. We take no credit for these creations though some may have be redesigned by us . Thank you